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Starting to settle down in México

Now that I’ve finished all the legal and compliance paper work and been an IBM de Mexico employee since June 06, 2013, I realized there was so much I had not told any of my friends who love and care for me dearly. I’ve not told a thing to my folks either and this I believe is going to be a post I’ll go back to read over and over again.
Its been a very promising journey yet time consuming. The journey did teach me a lot of patience and a whole bunch of cuss words in Español. Having said that, I must admit IBM has helped me tremendously in ensuring I’m able to get things done faster with lesser trouble vs if I were to do it myself. I’m only on a work permit to México transferred from IBM India to IBM México. IBM from that perspective has figured out how to move talent around and work as a truly Global company. (Yes, I am all praises for the company I work for Smile)
Given I was single, I decided not to pack and ship anything to Mexico except for 2 suitcases full of selected clothes. Threw out a lot and I’ve to say, I hated throwing out some of them.  As to my furniture etc., I had a minimalist life in Bangalore- Boo owned most of the stuff at home which we sold off and drove down to Chennai in a Honda City packed with stuff just enough space for the two of to sit it. Damn I so wish we made a picture of that trip. (Yes I do miss you Boo!)
I think I may have found a couple of places to live in Miguel Hidalgo delegation. I’ll post about my house hunting adventures with pictures of course another time. But expect to see me check into Foursquare soon enough Winking smile
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