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Nerdy enough to flash an Android device? Interesting

You may have noticed yet another change to my template- can’t tempt the fact that there are way too many minimalist templates that I wanted to use. Quite honestly the last one was “flashy” in my head at least. Thanks to this amazing template from I’m appalled at how neat and clean the blog now looks. Not to mention the mobile version works decently too.

Last week was a sure shot nightmare for +Paulina Quiroz. The conversation at the dinner table last Sunday circled around phones and we ended up making fun of the Telcel HTC Desire HD that had never received an update since 2.2.1. She was tad infuriated that she can’t change her contract for the next 6 months. So I decided to do something “innovative” (read amateur fun). Later that evening we came home and I start reading on XDA developers to flash the HTC DHD. Sounded simple enough, I started the exercise.

  1. Got through HTC Dev steps
  2. Got through Clock work Mod Recovery
  3. When I got to the point of performing S-OFF, the phone started acting weird and froze after the HTC splash screen, no startup music.

Trouble for me started there. I scrapped the article I was reading (which I later realized had an exhaustive PDF file with instructions I had missed) and followed the process from another one. Almost bricked the phone, took a break. I did give a heads up the phone may never work again (which I hated to say by the way). Attempt 2 started the next evening and almost after half day, getting closer to mid night and closer to my time to hit the sack, I found that PDF file I had missed the earlier day.

Guess, what there was an easier way to flash it! Inadvertently I had relocked the phone in the process the previous night. So I did the HTC Dev process again, unlocked the phone and got into the CM Recovery. Reading the PDF, I decided to give it a try to the image inside acetools, and did

fastboot flash boot boot.img

So I get the typical OKAY message I was supposed to get and I reboot the phone. And within seconds Pina and Bambi turnaround to say, “calmanate, no pasa nada”. I was yelling in happiness. The phone booted past the splash screen and the phone looked much better than what it was in v2.2.1. Now she has 2.3.5 with Sense3.0 The HW has limitations, which I think was evident, given the way the phone struggled with Waze. However, regardless. the phone now works like a charm. The battery drain a lot at first, I went back to the recovery mode, reset battery stats and allowed the phone to charge overnight and it got better, believe it or not!

Now she is a happy camper with her phone and the phone will probably will survive her for another 6 months before it is put to rest. She might be getting iphone5 or that very speculated iphone6, if it does release in the next months.

BTW, I didn’t realize I would actually be able to flash/ root the Android phone. Learning everyday.



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