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That ride back home

What do I call home? Is that the place that makes me feel safe and warm or is it just the place I go to every day to get ready for the next day?

Sitting at the airport waiting for a flight in half a dozen minutes, I'm feeding my scribbling addictions. It's been a busy work- negotiations, customer feedback, re working solutions, getting to that birthday party of Omar Cherit . I, a workaholic, can't ask for more, especially the feeling that 24 hours isn't enough. End of the day, the feeling to have accomplished something that changed something is, trust me, excellent. T pain whispers, "Turn all the lights on" via +Spotify as I gather thoughts to scribble. While I do have mixed feelings about the delays with my resident card for completing my immigration paper work, Fragomen has been nothing but helpful. Appreciation for patience is a virtue indeed and when you possess it, feels great. Past few months have showed me that I do have an ability to grow patience. Love Paul Zileri's clothing. Got one for myself this past week. No complains and probably the first time I've found that perfect sleeve length of shirts. Now I don't think am going to look beyond "LAB." in the near future hunting for shirts with the right fit.

There goes the spanish announcement for the fight getting ready to board us earthlings; I do catch a few words from the Spanish sentences. Listening Spanish sometimes does put me to sleep. I speak words (read NOT sentences) read a few words, thanks to my Indian origin, got a good pronunciation of the language. I continue to keep trying to get better at this. Josue, one of the customers' said this -"Bala, I like the fact that you relocated to a new country and the best way to learn the language is having a girl friend who speaks that language and it's a good approach" I, at first,was amazed that the customer would even know something about my private life, then realized they do take interests in the people than look at them as just "service providers"

The queue now grows to get into the flight , yet I can't leave till I click the publish button. Time to go, until later,


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