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I’m lucky

When I first touched her small little arms
Our endless cat and mouse chase in the house
When I won my first prize at school
When trouble too shape as my life
When I thought I didn’t have anyone
When it felt like the whole world was on my shoulders
When I decided I can’t do it anymore
She was there.
I’ve not been able to wipe your tears,
But I’m not that someone who’d walk out on you or
Leave you deserted in the middle of no where
I adore you Bulpi
You’ve always been there, and I will be there for you too.

No, that is NOT poetry. That is just words written in smaller sentences within quotes to look ‘clean’-er. BTW, for whatever reason, don’t ask me why, I’ve been smoking the past few days, out of the blue, yes and I’ve stopped it now. Like always, I told her about it. She only felt sad that I’m doing stupid things.  She tries to reason with me, but when she hears me talk, she doesn’t try and control me or even emotional blackmail me. She stops judging me and understands I control my life. That is one quality in her I’m yet to find in anyone else. Everyone is unique, I agree but, for a girl coming from a normal Indian family, its hard to find such qualities, at least of all the girls I’ve interacted with so far.
Probably the only reason I tell her everything about my life and not my colleagues, best-est friends, mom or dad. That is unconditional love. Every other girl in my life except for Gaya3 gave up on me for one reason or the other.
PS: For those of you who don’t know Gaya3, she is my sister, only younger to me by age.

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