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2.1.B.0.1 Firmware Update Xperia X10

This new firmware, not the GB update thought, is out in the market since May 24, 2011. I’ve been checking everyday and I’m yet to get a notification on my phone to upgrade to this new firmware. Apparently a lot of websites have been reporting that there are a number of performance updates including animation, battery performance, 2G – 3G  switching (most important for me), a new baseband as well. This sends another message that the promised Ginger Bread update in  later Q3/ early Q4 might be delayed. I hate the delays SE comes up with every time and it has been one hell of an experience trying to just get SE to get the quality update on time as committed.

Only after the 2.3.3 update reaches me can I apply for Lotus Traveller in IBM due to the various IT Security policies, blah blah blah. The current version of Android I have turned out to be a pain in the wrong place only due to the fact that it wasn’t in line with the corporate policy. Neverthless, I can’t wait to lay hands on the Android version of Traveler.

It is speculated that Lotus  is currently testing a version of Sametime for Android. It would be amazing to use that too. I had it im my Windows Mobile and trust me, it has proved worth  while a lot of times during my previous roles within IBM.


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