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Rain- A life without it

I got my bull serviced yesterday. It looked stunningly amazing today morning when I drove all the way to Manyata for attending the GLD- High Performance Workshop. The workshop went well. We wrapped up at 1700 hrs and I walk down to the basement. Taio Cruz is breaking my heart out loud in my X10. Ignoring most passers by, I walk out the door to be hit by drizzle of cold water, I imagined it would be a leaky AC vent. I wasn’t exactly wrong and I know for a fact that it can’t rain the basement. Then I observed a bit closely- the steep entrance to the basement was telling a story. It had just begun to rain.
Like every normal person’s life in this part of the world, rain has been closely associated with my life for a long time. Amma’s coffee with a never ending supply of hot bajji sitting by the iron grilled window at Pondicherry; pedaling the cycle in knee high water with a heavy school bag in my back rushing with my gang to watch xXx at Rathna Theatre; almost getting drenched every other day during every monsoon and returning home only to see strings of clothes hanging at home for drying out; carrying loads of crockery and silverware while at Hotel school; literally a half hour pouring rain filling the Jalmahal in Jaipur, riding 180 KMs in my FZ back to Chennai on a Sunday afternoon and surprisingly with dried clothes by the time I had reached, rushing back home completely drenched on Diwali eve to catch a bus back home and today, getting stuck in Bangalore traffic with the rain pouring down for almost 2 hours, the Rain goddess has been my intimate buddy for a long time now. She has wiped my tears, lend her shoulder, shared my happiness, gave a hand in my struggle and many more I find hard to explain.
I was worried about my bull’s new Teflon going for a toss. But the ride, the way I felt after coming home, I can shell out some money and have it re-done. I tried to take a picture of my favourite spot, too bad, X10 wasn’t able to capture the rain very well. I wish I had carried my SLR. No, this has nothing to do with Maddy. This post is just about me and my intimate goddess, Rain. She has seen me transform from a boy who sailed paper boats in the street gutter to a man whose tears wash along with hers. I’m happy that I’ve been able to come this far in life despite my little struggles here and there. I see mine as small little struggles for I read, see and hear everyday about people, countries, communities going through life or death situation everyday. I’ve let myself get pampered too much I guess.
A prolific blogger after reading this blog says, well, don’t you think your personal life deserves some privacy? It is quite true that I’ve not kept secrets from this blog. I’ve written almost everything significant that has happened in my life. It is like my own truth-teller. My pen doesn’t stop until I get it out into words and paragraphs. Yes, I’m probably inflicting agony to many people from my past and present life. I will stop mentioning your existence if at all you have concerns. You know to reach me. Google Bot has done a pretty good job keeping my in search results. Search for my full name and you’ll be amazed how much you can find out about me.
About what I was saying, yes, I should leave my past alone, but then, how do I sustain this life ? I can’t sulk over it for the rest of my sane life at least. Writing here, lets me breath and move on with the pain. It would be an utter lie to say there is no pain and I’ve forgotten all about it. No, not yet. I’m not that good at lying, yet.
PS: There is no message in this post. Its just everything I wanted to write, tried to find a flow. See if you are able to figure it.

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