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Life is too kind

First, I’m too lazy to write and I’m glad I’m able to pull time out of pretty lazy schedule to blog, No kidding! The past weekends for almost 6 months now are either spent on my bed watching movies back to back, or lying down on the the straw mat in the drawing room watching TV shows or movies back to back. I’ve been lazy to such an extent that I didn’t replace the leaky water dispenser for almost 4 months. Now you get what I mean by LAZY ?

Gaya3 really liked the last blog post on rain. If you have a minute, you should try and read it. By far the only post that looks a wee bit optimistic, she said. Agreed. When I look at my life- the past 5 years have been dramatic to the extent that the number of choices I was presented with and the number I chose don’t match. Meaning, at every point in life when I think I’m stuck or I’m lost, there are in fact multiple choices for me to choose from and yet, I never figured it out or did I. Call it Sunday Enlightenment @ 23:30 hrs. Funny, or may be that sounds like a really promising TV show title! May be I should get it copyrighted. Google returned zero results. Seems first of its kind.

Right, yes, I hear ya. It was the night before my HSC mathematics paper. I had a choice to prepare for 1 last time and get over with it or dream about the neighbor's girl 4 doors away without even the slightest bit of hope that she will turn around and smile at me, at 4 AM!, get that. Sigh, I didn’t do well in Math that time. So, the resultant- I had a choice to prepare for CAT or the Engineering entrance exams and give it a shot. You know, I skipped that too even thought parents poured in money hoping I’d be an engineer. I chose Hotel Management and when I had to give my interview for The Oberoi, I was actually giving it for OCLD. Had I shown a sign of maturity to the interviewer, I’d have got it, yet I ended up with OCER in Vanyavilas. The highlight- on the day of my train to Jaipur, I called up Vanyavilas to confirm only to hear there was a last minute change for me to report to Jaipur Trident Hilton. Gaya3 mentioned I yelled at her on my first call from Jaipur, obviously, not mature enough I presume. PS my non-Hotelier readers: OCLD is a Management program and OCER is a Entry level job offering

I’ll reserve my Hotel to IBM story for some other time. Today, I’m considered successful in my career. Pandi, one of my friends in Chennai told me this, “Bala, you have everything a person would ask for, yet you keep looking for something more”. Life has always been too kind to me. Probably another reason why I don’t show half the compassion on myself. Every decision in my life has been my own. Regardless of what others said or did, it has always boiled down to me listening to my heart and sometimes the mind if it required a logical reasoning. I don’t hold anyone responsible but myself for where my life has gotten me.

Out of the humungous list of movies I watch over the weekend, non action i.e Drama/ Romance related genre movies are listed here with IMDB links. I’d recommend them only if you have the patience to watch’em.  Word of caution, these are like minded people like me, aka losers or loner kind of mood set only:

BTW, this also is another pointless mixture of thoughts. Don’t try too much to get any meaning because I didn’t put any in the first place.

Just before I sign off, there is this anonymous linkedin user who keeps going through my profile every week, periodically. Curious, I still haven’t got any job offers yet. Should I be worried or should I just chuck it ?



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