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I saw Maddy today!

“May 18, Scorpio: Emotional outbursts should be avoided at all costs” said Gaya3 and I guess I’m doing exactly that. Well, lets just say coming to Riviera was the best part of today! Maddy was right there!!! I was stunned, yet, I knew I will NOT talk to you. Some things just can’t be undone. It has been two and a half years since I last saw you. There have been days when I’ve hoped to see you somewhere in this city. Of all places, @IBM, really amazing!
I was glad to see that smile in your face. I know now the decisions I took are right, indeed. Reminded me of those days when we would meet up without no reason in DLF Cafeteria. Your bay in first floor, I’d just come up with reasons to be there.

Life moves on, yet, I like to stay in the past where the best of my life was. I’ve missed you, not anymore. I now know you’ve found happiness. But I know, I’ll always be your first love, that can’t be undone! Have an amazing life.

I’m quite happy that to saw you. I know I wasn’t in the best of my shape, too much of work and I’ve literally been pulling my hair off, so don’t judge me by my looks. On a lighter note, I remembered a lot of good times we had together. Love isn’t a sin. I’m glad the love we had was unconditional. I understood today that loving someone means to also let the other person decide their own destiny and make their own choices. I found answers to a lot of questions I couldn’t figure out myself, just by looking at you. Had I forced* you, might have ended up in losing your parents and you couldn’t have ever forgiven yourself for that. I know some day you might trip on this blog and trust me, there are so many meaningless fights and pointless voids that we, rather I, have avoided just by letting go.

OK, and here is the final word. This is probably going to be the last time I write to you. I won’t be writing for you anymore for one, I know it is wrong of me to make you feel bad about something that happened years back and two, I want you to see me happy, which I very much am starting this moment, some day!

I’ve got a job offer in IBM China and let me see how it goes. If things work out, you can check me out @ linkedin or even Blue Pages to know about me. Bye my love!

*In India at least. psstt… when it comes to love, I’ve always wanted to be in the US or any western nation with the culture that respects every single human being’s likes and dislikes. I detest the mindset here and the judgments that are passed every single day!


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