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Fast Track PMP

I’d recommend PMTI for one reason and one reason only. Mohit, the man behind the 4 day rigorous boot camp. It has to be understood that Boot Camps are not about information overload sessions. They teach you the strategy to organize yourself to ensure the objective is met. Which is- Passing the PMP exam. I’ve being doing all the various possible PM**Gs, which I’ve lost count of in IBM prior to this Boot Camp in the past 2 years.

The past three days have been most hectic, yet most fruitful for me and eventually for my company of course because I’m sure I’ll clear the PMP exams. No I’m not being overly confident or talking with a really heavy head. No, its plainly the “magic” that Mohit casts on his students that make us talk. Tomorrow is the big day. I give my final mock test before I schedule an online test at a Prometric Centre

Oh, here is a picture for cherishing. I know what I was doing and its not what you think it is. I’ll write more on the actual preparation and how I cleared the exams once I in fact clear it.


BTW, I’ve refreshed my profile at Sadikhov. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that people even after two years of inactivity from me remembered me and were glad to see me again. FS, MarkinManchester, Lethe, mip104, Darby, Tech1, talent pk, TubigSwah, I’m not remembering them all, but I know I will eventually.


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