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The first movie together

I've not been to write due to various reasons that I'd not want to discuss. I've possibly hurt people, never intended to. Sincere apologies if I did.

This goes way back to 2009. Maddy always had a smile that was alarmingly addictive. She ceased to exist as a person in this world almost 2 years back. She continues to grow in my heart with my love for her every single day.

It is hard to deny the fact that days don't pass without a thought of her flashing through my heart. Today is one of those very special days.
Today, exactly 2 years back, I did my first movie... Street kings @ Studio5 and it was the elite class. C6 and C5. Geez, I still remember that we ordered  a large popcorn and regular coke, which I ended up having all by myself. Good times they were


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