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Rusted Blogging

It has been a while since I actually blogged full fledged.. And two blog posts in a day is like the New – 8th World Wonder, if you know what I mean. Google has changed a lot and infact improved the various tools one would use for running blogs/ websites.

I thought sharing the list of tools I use in my blog might help a couple of souls out there, may be in the 22nd Century when people do a census of the worst readable blog.

  • Google Webmaster Tools (even though I can ‘t change my robots.txt)
  • Google Analytics (even though I don’t use more than half its features)
  • Google Adsense (this- is a joke, no matter how hard I try, people just don’t want to read, damn or clickty click)
  • Google Feedburner (all my twitter posts for my new blog posts, if you were wondering about those posts in my facebook wall for the umpteenth time)
  • Google Blogger (obviously, I still don’t prefer word press and I’ve my reservations)
  • Creative Commons Copyright notice (Look at the bottom left corner. A logo and a couple of lines are written, pretty cool, ain’t it ?)
  • Google Docs form for Contact me (I was going to use emailmeform.com and then changed my decision at the last moment. I know there is the reason why I actually couldn’t sleep till 04:00 AM)

My sister seemed to have a problem reading the font on this site specifically unlike the Breakup blog. She had to use Control+A to just read the blog. She uses IE6 (duh!). Jokes apart, it was partly my fault too. I had used web fonts from the new Blogger Template Designer and probably the fonts or styles weren’t loading. She couldn’t see the transparency effects either.. Man, that is so not cool. She can’t have a good glimpse of the site unless she uses a decent browser.

Now that I’ve tweaked my page font to Georgia, only the Blog and Post title fonts remain as web fonts. I’ll keep monitoring and receiving feedback from the only reader and may be, just may be, I might tweak it again. I’m never happy till it is perfect.

If you see something on my blog and you want to know what it is or how I got it there, leave a comment or use the “Contact Me” page. I’ll be glad to write back.


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