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My Destiny

Yea, that what I called her. Well, its been two years and sulking over it is really not what I promised her I’d do. I happened to see her Facebook profile and some trip to somewhere. She doesn’t look so happy. Made me sad and I’m here- writing again. Yes, she still exists as a person in this world. But, my maddy is long gone and she only resides in my heart.

I thought I did a good thing letting go off her. Letting her lead the life she had chosen, rather her parents had. I want to know if she is happy and things are going fine. But I don’t know how to ask.

After almost two years, I unblocked her today in gtalk. I hardly use that id any longer. She was the last person to have a meaningful conversation. Unblocking her doesn’t imply anything. I was reading the chat history and realized I had promised that I’d be friends.

People keep reminding me of the past every now and then and either I like it or not, maddy’s thoughts keep coming back at me. I have an important deal to close today and its past midnight. Here I am, sitting and blogging about my lifeless past.

I don’t know if I’ll ever like anyone again, but, for now, I know what I am doing is absolutely right. BTW, pardon the guru post. I tried, and clearly, not my cup of tea ;-)


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