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Mp3 Tags

I’ve always found it rather annoying trying to find out a solution to tagging my mp3 files. I’ve tried a lot of applications over the past few years and I could never find a permanent solution to fixing it until a couple of months back. I use an android phone and tend to sort songs based on information like album name, artist, genre and without proper tags, I could never do it.

I was accustomed to gracenote via Winamp but album art via that was a distant dream. I also used the inbuilt feature in my Sony Ericsson phone for downloading album art, not quite successful. Then I found Mp3 Tag. I’ve never been impressed this much with a Tag editing software. The features it offers are endless. Especially with the Amazon download feature for album art. I can search by Artist, by Album name or Album title to get the required information. I can preview before applying the changes. Sounds pretty cool.

I’ve tried it and have found it pretty satisfying. No, I don’t work for Mp3 Tag or don’t get paid for writing this article. If you are out there struggling to find a solution to your never ending tag problems, here is the solution


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