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Life after a breakup

Now that I’ve see 5 relationships in my life and I’ve been relationship free for a year now, I think, I’ve upgraded myself to the place of a guru, and bear with me if I end up ranting too much once in a way. It is natural, I was born this way..

Life after a breakup isn’t great unless you were waiting to get out of it. The heart starts telling that it is too painful. It isn’t. You actually go see death, some might say. Stop letting your heart decide and use some logic. Try to be optimistic. The first thing that comes to most of our minds, thanks to the many movies and books, hurting ourselves. NO, bad idea. Never.

If you are smart enough, You’ll find a rebound or two, get around the corner and move on, like I did. Or you can also sulk until you get pissed off at yourself and say, Moron, now get over it already! I’m going to be honest. I had two rebounds. Both put together didn’t last more than 6 months. Calling my relationship a rebound doesn’t mean I’m undermining the emtions. NO, wrong thinking again. It is simply the fact I’m about to differentiate between a serious relationship and a rebound. I’ve not written about my rebounds until today. Things just didn’t work out. Except for Gaya3, no one else really knows why I had to get out of them both. Neither of them were bad.. They were too good for me and trust me, I’d have not been able to be the best partner they deserved in life.

Btw, if rebound is greek to you, here is a movie I personally recommend. I’ve gone the extra mile to attach a youtube trailer too..Thank me later

If either of you are reading P or N, please, understand, I never could call us a rebound at least on your faces. Both of you know this blog and we have discussed the blog in great detail. I probably even inspired Bold! to write a blog. I’ve been serious about my relationships and I was upfront when I knew I was losing it. It just happened which is very rude of me and it sounds arrogant, but that it how my rebounds were.

I think I’ve gotten over the pain and started living with it in the past year. You must have already guessed that the last few posts were due to the fact that I revamped the site and I was going over each one of them all over again. I am thinking clearer now, I guess. One can’t be too sure, at least after looking at my track record. Now, I didn’t say the occasional outburst wont be there. But then, I don’t want to keep writing about her forever, clearly, I’d be a lunatic and she probably even has kids by now!

First Love is always special and stays with you in a special place within your heart for the rest of your to cherish. I’ve felt it and I know how good a feeling that is!


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