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Ginger Bread update for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

I had waited for almost a year to get my hands on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. I was more than happy after I bought considering the fact that I owned a Windows Mobile, X1 from the SE’s Xperia family.

The excitement didn’t last long when I started waiting for my Android updates from SE. The reasons were reasonable but not good enough to make me wait for such a long time. Finally after a long wait, I upgraded my phone to Android 2.0 Q1 2011. Then came the big news from Sony Ericsson that the last update was for multi touch and no further Android updates can be provided for their flag ship model.

In the mean time, SE came up with two new variants. Arc and Play. I loved the Arc, but investing again for a device that might probably not get enough updates? For the first time, I was considering dumping SE. All my phones have been SE. Since my first phone in college to date, I’ve been a loyal customer. I start thinking how in the hell do I get 2.3 without changing my device.. So I thought, let me give a try to the XDA ROMs.. A lot of people have been doing this and aren’t complaining a lot either.

But, holdon, SE India’s Facebook page had a unbelievable update. X10 gets 2.3.3 I thought they were kidding.. Then I go to the blog and read Rikard’s article myself and yes, this is indeed true.. I even posted a comment on the article, which I’ve never done before, but I did…

Thank you SE. I’ve decided to stay back and even started to recommended X10 as the best deal for one, the update and two, the prices have been slashed in the market too.. So people out there, looking for the best deal on an Android phone? Go for the Xperia 10. And I’m glad SE didn’t push me to for an iphone ;-)

Here is the full article from SE’s Blog

Cheers, Later

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