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Finding a job

Not an easy task. Or may be many think otherwise. I’m not able to find the job satisfaction I used to get from my job. No one seems to care either. So I started thinking the best way to get over this is to keep my options open. There might be a possible hike in June. No great hopes either.

On an other note, LinkedIn gave me a freebie premium account for a month. The time I must say is perfect. Now I have a job seeker tag on my profile and hopefully, someone will look at my profile and say, not bad man. Let me check this guy out. This also comes with a T&C that subsequent months will be automatically billed to the credit card provided unless I change my account type myself. Good way of pushing a paid account to its customers. Way to go LinkedIn. I’ve added a reminder for myself to deactivate this Job Seeker account in another 29 days to avoid a hefy $30 on my credit card

As a part of my endeavour to find a job, I did something I’ve never done before. I’ve sought professional resume writing service from AngstCorner to revamp my resume. Yes, I obviously did pay. I’m waiting to see how much of an impact my resume is going to have in my job hunting frenzy. I’ve to be patient to see what impact this is going to have on my resume. If it does make a difference, I for sure will write my experience.. Rushing back home now..


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