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Copyrighting my work?

I must be super nuts to write this article at 03:20 AM…. I’ve been reading around and came across creative commons- A way to license my work. You can see that I’ve added this to the bottom of my blog page. You can also notice that I’ve added a contact me page on top below the search bar. I’m getting a serious about blogging and protecting my work. I’m going to research a little more tomorrow to see if if it would cost me too much to get my blog copyrighted..

Again, this is my first attempt at setting up a © for my Blog. Sound pretty cool. But I’ll keep writing about how I accomplished this in the days to come..

About Creative Commons- I came across this in Coconut Chutney’s blog and took it a bit too seriously after seeing people making you tube video in 2010 out of her 2008 blog article and claimed it to be their OWN!… Cheap and the worst part, they still exist.. Good article btw, gave me a good laugh.

And the whole point of copyright would have brought up the most obvious question to most of you- What the heck is there anyway here to be © ? duh! Well, I hope things change and I actually start blogging to the extent that I might start getting tons of visitors… Hopefully.

And I have a new reader! My sister… She didn’t realise I had mentioned her many times and she seemed, err, Happy is the word ?

How I created my contact me page is for another article for me write and is for sure not happening right now..I really have to get some sleep and I probably will also have to figure our how I am going to make it on time to work since my manager seems to have a problem with my time sense already..

Later, Peace, yawn…..

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