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Being Tough

Ajay and I have been friends since way back when we worked at Trident Hilton Jaipur. We used to have a lot of fights and the guests at the reception would literally go bonkers as they would end up thinking there is a war going on in the back office.. Well, we were a little loud. I got to admit and my colleagues at the desk did have a hard time tackling them making sure they weren’t frightened the first day of their holiday. Any ways, he called me a couple of days back and it felt good talking to him.

We talked about a lot of things and one of the thing he mentioned, makes me to write this article. We were talking about enduring a breakup and being able to actually get out of it without losing too much. He said, only the toughest get out of it and I knew you are one of them Bala. I’ve known you long enough to say this. Well, he made me feel good and I am glad I am tough.. I didn’t know it (lol)

But the decisions I made two years back, when I think of them today, makes me proud of myself. Even though I’m in a sense lost, I’ve also learnt a lot from what I went through then. I was too young and it was too early for me to get into a commitment.

But there isn’t fun without commitments, I agree. To me, what I’m today, hassle free, not having to worry about thousand other things when I go home, makes me a bit relaxed. Only 4 including me out of my whole team at IBM are single. Couple of marriages last year brought that count down actually.

Point I’m trying to make here- being tough is not in how you treat people. It is about how much you let an incident affect your life, for a day or for the rest of your lives. I had this concept of building a shell and living inside of it and I’m amazed it still works.. You know what makes it stronger ? Writing here. I at first thought it is pretty stupid to think of yet writing here, letting all of it out, helps me get used to my pain.

Life has given me plenty of chances and I’m sure it won’t stop anytime in the future. I’ve a happy career, ever growing. When it comes to choosing the options life comes up with, I tend to shy away. Only I know what I went through. Life is about taking chances, I would be the first to admit. Right now, I just want to stay tough and ask everything else to screw away. I’ve my own path, in a way, I’ve been liking it. Hey, two years, is a lot of time I’ve taken to decide my life. In another couple of weeks, it’d be my 2nd year breakup anniversary. Sounds funny, yes, I had a laugh. But then, I’m not sulking over my past. I know what I’ve. I’ve accepted this life and I don’t think I’ll ever regret how I run my life. I’ve always listened to my conscience and this time too, I’m.

I write about every glitch or thought that comes up to right then and there.. Good that I’ve an Android phone. I don’t have to go look out for a PC these days. I want to keep writing more frequently and when my friends told me to have a balance in my life, I’ll keep career on one and writing here on the other. I believe that balances it all.

Until later, Peace

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