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Android Rules

Both Nielsen and comScore have released research material that fails to show iOS is the next big thing. Yes, Android is the next big thing. For an Operating system that was launched a year after Apple’s Iphone OS now called iOS( iOS launched in June 29, 2007 and Android in October 21, 2008- source Wikipedia) , Android is doing pretty good for itself.
I’m glad I’m doing my bit by spreading the word how better and how cheaper it is to get an Android powered device compared to an Apple device. This competition is benefitting the user is every possible way ranging from value for money, varied choices of hardware and feature rich app markets which, I must say, leaves the end user with enough options to choose from.
And this competition is much better than Windows vs Mac battles we have been seeing for ages. Symbian is yet to come with something promising. I’ve see the N8 and it just feels like NOKIA. Windows Mobile is long dead and it is going to take another year atleast before it can spring back to atleast retain its own corporate customers.
RIM has limited itself to a certain section of the clientele and still doesn’t want to comment on its stance in granting access to India. It had no choice but to listen to the voice of Indian Governmental agencies as they were on the brim of losing the entire Sub continent.
Coming back to Android’s evergreen tales, I can’t wait for the 2.3 update on my Xperia X10 that should be released to us in 3 or 4 months from now. (We plan to bring an upgrade to Android Gingerbread for the XperiaTM X10 to generic trade kits end Q2 / early Q3 this year.Source- SE Blog)
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