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I’m at loss for words. I regret to be an Indian

A 3-year old, was abducted, raped and murdered. Don’t wonder where, it is in our own glorious democratic nation, India!- Jaipur to be precise. Its bloody frustrating that the government won’t take moral responsibility for letting this mishap happen in their state more so for the Indian government to be ashamed. Neither seems to have happened.

I am not going to get into details, read this if you would want to learn more. When the politicians and all the so called social welfare organisations have problems with every bloody thing in this country, what is preventing them from fighting for this cause ?

It doesn’t take a lot of time for fighting over water, it doesn’t take more than an hour to stage a dharna when a actor dies, its a matter of minutes to fight over baseless accusations political parties throw at each other, and why doesn’t this issue qualify for nation wide mourning ?

I don’t even think a 3-year old could talk to stand against such arrogance, mayhem, cruelty. I’m at loss for words to describe this inhuman and monstrous act.

I would personally want to stone whoever did this to death.

A maximum penalty or a life sentence will NOT serve the purpose. India should strongly give consideration to public staging of punishments- lashing, stoning, cutting balls off, something that makes more sense and threatens offenders. Citizenship of such sex offenders should be revoked. I can’t imagine that the Government is still sitting over this- I don’t see, at least haven’t heard of any expedited enquiry. The offenders should’ve been identified yesterday!

Sorry, but I against a Gandhian approach towards this issue. I’m certain whoever did this was fully aware of what he was doing! Is there no such thing fair law ? And I’m completely confident Gandhi, wouldn’t have sat down to kill himself, cos that won’t change a thing!

This is beyond anything anyone can imagine. This awful, flagitious, atrocity, this inhuman act, makes me feel terribly bad and I’m disheartened and ashamed as human being that one of us could not just think, but actually do such a wicked, disgusting, heartless, I don’t have a word to describe this.

There is nothing anyone can do to console the parent of this child. All I could hope is that the culprits be brought to justice, even though we are in an unfair world and that time eventually, gives the parent the strength to look past this dreadful event.

If all those bluff about the world coming to an end are true, here is a start! The world as we know should have to end, if this is how we humans will be and I’ll not repent it. The human race deserves a chance, but if we don’t behave and correct fellow humans, we certainly don’t



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