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Revelation: Life

Its not about winning all the time.. Life is no fun without losing occasionally. If I hadn't lost my first love, I wouldn't have become what I am today, in a good sense..

Losing her made me feel that I lost literally everything in life.. Today I stand successful with a double promotion and I look back and say, well, see what you have lost.. May be she did realise what she was losing..

But then, its not just that.. Every success in my opinion comes only after a series of failure in the past that would have taught lessons....

We learn from everything, even from our failures.. and I realise, now, that I learnt from my breakup. I learnt not to love anyone more than myself. Which is probably why I've sustained every other breakup after her..

But then, the other day, someone asked me what is the most cherished moment of your life during the party I threw for becoming a Delivery Engagement Manager. I thought about those moments with my parents, sister, friends, everything. But, the very first face that flashed for a moment was her's.

And I said, "When my GF said yes to my love.." and still holds good.. I hope something else bigger, better does happen to super-cede that moment I cherished.. But, that would just be me making up my mind that there are bigger things than first love. You and I both know that crap..

The new job keeps me busy enough so that I don't even think about if I want a relationship or be single. Should I talk to the girl I keep seeing at Rivera or may be offer a lift to the girl I see every day on my way back home...

I keep my media player's volume to full, ignore the glaring headlights, blasting horns, just zoom into the traffic, abuse everyone I feel like abusing, get home, talk shit with friends... make their lives miserable, well, lets just say am a pain for a lot of people when I'm not working..

Off lately, I've been planning to keep myself busy during the weekends too.. Have booked a RE Classic 500.. Hoping it would restore a little bit of happiness, only after 6 months as the queue to get the bike is quite long~


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