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Yet Another confession

The time calls for a celebration- a grand one indeed. But aren't I missing something here? Things have drastically improved @ work. I'm not sure if this is permanent, but I sure do like it. The excitement to start working again non stop without having to think about anything else muses me.. This is certainly going to help me get back my old self, that I have quite lost over the last year.

I try to keep depressing issues away from my friends.. No point in involving them in all the mess I've been through, really. That said, I get to describe everything in vivid detail, when I am caught off guard... That is the one thing, I have to get over with, so I can, well, feel better is way to put it. On the other hand, I think, what is so special or end-of-the-world-sadness I'm into that I can deny their right to know me completely- which possibly is the reason why I'm vocal about tweeting every blog post here.

At first, I was reluctant to share anything- wanted to keep this as private as I can. But with every question surmounting on me, I wanted to say, a lot.... In all eternity, I can never say more than a certain extent to anyone.. I happened to read about Lisa Ray and her illness- courtesy, facebook. The determination, courage and hope she carries, sets examples for a lot of people from different walks of life. Her blog is worth reading. Seeing what she has been going through, I start to think, should I stop worrying about what is lost and start thinking about finding someone special for me ?

I have been a very stubborn ass, but right now, concentrating on my career is what matters the most. This new move which might possibly start next week is certainly going to change a lot of things if not all of it. But, what is intriguing is that I don't feel happy. Not that no one has congratulated me, something is certainly missing. This is NOT to do with the rebounds I had- I'm quite certain. I want to explore deep down inside me and find out what it is.. This confession ends here and I'll write soon.


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