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Sony Vaio Upgrade- Done!!!

I couldn’t spare time to write about the "*actual* upgrade. Sony provides two DVD media. one for the actual upgrade and the second for other free bies that come along in a Vaio PC.

I had to create recovery disks, as I never did it since the purchase of the laptop. Though, the upgrade prompted to uninstall 3rd party software, esp the antivirus and the ATI manager, I ignored and proceeded assuming, things will go fine. When the upgrade was almost done and the last reboot was underway, a prompt appeared stating the upgrade is unsuccessful and the previous version of Windows aka Vista will be rolled back. I was tired and switched off the PC for a nap.


Later that evening, I connected to the internet, did a system restore prior to the start of the upgrade, even though it doesn’t make much of a difference, uninstalled itunes, Kaspersky and ATI related items from appwiz.cpl. I kicked off the upgrade.. The first DVD was done and then, I ran the second DVD too.. Overall, it was approximately an hour and a half if I am right for the whole process.

Unlike reports of personal files missing for many users in the Microsoft forums, mine was pretty clean. Even the placement of files on the desktop hadn’t changed. Exactly the way I left it.. Keep in mind, there were tons of other software that the PC had and none of it had issues.. To name a common few- Winamp, VLC, Chrome, Mozilla.

I’d advise running the upgrade advisor prior to running the actual upgrade so you can spot out issues and fix’em before hand.


Good Luck!

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