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Normally its 1 Rebound after a breakup.. But I am an exception

Well, It has been a year…

Places, people and quite a number of things have changed.. You would ask me if I’m still stuck.. Not really, but in a way, yes.

The dreams have returned. Not that I anticipated but since her leave, there have been two rebounds. It is a revelation that came to me after reading this

Sounding ridiculously naive? But that isn’t the case. I’m not able to forgive myself for breaking two more hearts. But I guess, this are mutually benefitting decisions.

Since seeing 500 days of summer a while back I’ve started thinking if I am even entitled for my autumn. Job isn’t keeping me busy enough to be pre-occupied. You should be able to relate the reason for the alma matter being idle and going in all 8 directions at 100 miles an hour.

The loner attitude has put me back to a Movie frenzy. Romantic Comedy indulge me and I’m liking the feeling of getting dissolved into the movie and its characters.. Love Happens was exquisite.

Writing here definitely helps. I can’t deny that ever. I tweet, write in three blogs including this, hangout in Facebook and Twitter most of my day- just to keep myself busy with something; reality isn’t busy per se.

Kept thinking of bowling, but not really fun without a group to hangout with. Now that I have my camera with me in Bang, may be its time to start exploring the city and its history and feed my photographer appetite..

Word of Caution: First time reader ? You won’t understand a thing without reading all the articles.. So don’t start if you don’t have all the time in the world!

Peace, may be pray for everyone except me! My autumn might just find moi!

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