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Whts with balabluffs.com

I've been thinking for a really long time to own a domain name for myself. Every time I think about it, the anti- thought says, well, first work on dedicating some time on the blog, then later consider it.

Yesterday, it so happened, that I ended up purchasing one.. balabluffs.com from Google. I don't need a web hosting solution yet, but google apps does come with a whole bunch of features for USD 10. I used Godaddy.com for registering... I browsed through the options and there is so much to learn and do with the web... Well, I'm interested and starting to dedicate at least 4 hours a week for my blog. I'm investing time to do some quality articles. Haven't figured out exactly what I am gonna blog about, just random everything is what I'm targetting at...

I'll keep this blog updated with more as I start doing things..

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