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Sony Vaio Upgrade from Vista to Windows7

So, I got this NW Series Vaio for my sister… I didn’t notice that had an upgrade to Window 7 for free offer.. She noticed it, and she wanted it..

I logged into Sony.com/windows7 and I follow the steps in it. Pretty straight forward instructions I’d say. I don’t remember the exact sequence, but it basically needs the model details, date and place of purchase, country to ship the upgrade disk.

I, like always assumed, I could edit the details of the shipment delivery, alas I can’t. Once the details are provided, Sony.com demands a proof of purchase be submitted via Email/ Fax or Photocopy sent to an address within 7 days of placing the order.

I gave up the idea of *upgrading* thinking I might never find that invoice. I come back to B’lore dig my old bags that I carried and bingo.. the first piece of paper I find is the invoice.. voila…

I get is scanned and I email it to Sony. btw, I emailed the hotel in US asking them to ship the disk to me when they receive it. Hopefully, they will reply.. and even ship it

I’ve also asked Sony if they can ship it to me here, as I am eligible officially for an upgrade..

Sister says, so I will get to use Windows7 even before you! Fingers crossed..


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