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New looks!

The blog hopefully looks better than before- Lesser sadness or more presentable one can say ? Leave a comment.

This started as a page to crib and cry about what happened in the past.. Now, that I am past three relationships, this may be a good learning for me- I am no saint to preach anyone else.. So I wouldn’t recommend anyone to follow my foot steps. Consider this a novel. Open, read, feel, close, get over it.

I’ll keep writing about my search for a life partner until I hopefully find someone someday.. But, I absolutely am NOT taking initiatives.. If anyone wants me, I’ll expect them to approach me, even propose and make sure I fall for them..

Otherwise, there is quite a lot that has happened over the past 3 months that I haven’t written.. Good thing is that people recognize this blog writing to crib and cry as a effective way to get over the pain. I’ve noticed at least a couple of my friends do the copy cat thing!

And yes, I am back to my old self, blunt, relentlessly rude, arrogant and I am pretty successful getting there.. A lot of things that happened in the past has helped me get her.. Its been a year since I had my first relation cum breakup and I just got over my third, geez.

Stats from the pages of life:

Average life of a relation- 60 days

Shortest- 30 days

Longest- 90 days

Min Aftermath following a breakup – 1 year & counting :)

I’ve stopped being too sentimental about ups and downs in life. The more serious you are about it, the more the impact. So, facing it with a care-free approach actually works.. My folks are quite worried if I will be able to sustain any relationship- rather if I can make the right choice..

My friend, probably a year back, said, I will get my heart broken more than once.. and from what I know, she isn’t wrong. Actually she was brought up in an American Society.. Sadly the truth is, our metros in many ways are almost westernized.

Stutter I heard: Happiness is the result of being too busy to be miserable.

Stutters to follow, Hope is always there…

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