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MacBook hacked three years in a Row

Thanks to Charlie Miller, a champion Fuzzer who racked up another MacBook Pro at the Pwn2Own contest, which he won’t use anyways..

Fuzz testing or Fuzzing according to Wikipedia is a software testing technique that provides invalid, unexpected, or random data to the inputs of a program. If the program fails (for example, by crashing or failing built-in code assertions), the defects can be noted. In this case, the purpose was obviously to compromise security thereby exploiting the MacBook

Pwn2Own was specifically targeted at Common desktop platforms i.e.Windows and Mac which is the reason why Linux wasn’t part of this. The contest was for 3 days. Safari, IE8, Firefox and latest patched Iphone 3GS also fell.. Except for Chrome.

BTW, Windows 7 fell in this event too..

M$ would be the first to release patch for the exploit spotted. Apple knows its fan boys hardly understand or are worried about an exploit so will be another 6 – 8 months or will be clubbed with the next version of the OS.. 

Google Devs are quite responsive in fixing exploits.. doesn’t take more than a few days for them to fix it, which is IMO another reason why Chrome didn’t fall in this event…




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