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Its good to see the Oscar results

It was good to see Sandra Bullock and Kathryn Bigelow sweeping oscars!

The Blind Side and The Hurt Locker are two must see movies...
I happened to see The Secret in Their Eyes (El Secreto de Sus Ojos) just hours before the Oscar night and was quite impressed.. This probably is the first Argentinian movie to impress quite an audience. No wonder this has made it to the Oscars...

I strongly agree with J Owens in IMDB. He goes on to say, "But the main strength of the movie comes from the powerful narrative dominion Director Campanella has over characters, spaces and silences. Many moments are coldly tense, scary and very, very intense. This crossover from genres by Campanella couldn't have been better. Crime stories often fall in common places, this one relies on the fragile psychological state of the audience to draw all of it's intense dialog, acting and scenes."

Irene played by Soledad Villamil lingers around for a good while, at least for me. No wonder she bagged the Clarin Award, best actress for this movie..

Its sad that Avatar didn't grab a bunch of''em. But am happier to see low budget films making a big sweep at the Oscars.. Similar to Slumdog at the last Oscar's..


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