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ITILv3 Foundation, Prince2, what else

Since Jan’10, I’ve been trying hard to get some time out of the schedule and obviously some money to do certifications.. One way or the other, dates gets skipped and it is annoying me. WBT on Learning@IBM certainly help to complete the knowledge part. That said, preparing for an exam is entirely different.

I think of those days in Sadikhov when I moderated the forum and found people so eager and organised to get the certifications done. You like it or not, it is inevitable to do continuous learning to 

1. Be up-to-date with the current trends

2. Prove our ability to perform the job and assuring the employer of the skills we possess

I’ll stop here and better get back to work.. Have some data analysis activities I’ve to complete.



faisal saleem said...

Hi Genius,
Nice blog. actually was googling about PMP vs ITIL vs PRINCE2 and found your blog :). Even raised the question on our forum(sadikhov) but no luck. Anyway how life and rest all things are going?

Your bro
Faisal Saleem.

Dirizhor said...

Life certainly is keeping me good!.. You can find me in twitter @balaamirtha..

I've been having this same dilemma and let me know what you need. I'm certainly glad to help!

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