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Issues with Sub domain/ Domain Mapping

Apparently, I've been configuring my CNAMES all so wrongly that neither of my blogs are getting the right links..

http://blog.balabluffs.com and http://breakup.balabluffs.com are supposed to be working... The first link directs to http://dirizhor.blogspot.com and the second to the breakupyarn.blogspot.com

Given the fact that I just changed in godaddy's DNS console, it can take anywhere between 24- 48 hours.. and hopefully it works this time.. I will tweet when the thing starts working..

There is so much I'm learning from this. I'll eventually leave blogger and start looking at wordpress and getting hosting done with godaddy or someone else.. At this time, I want to explore everything Google Apps has to offer before I start digging somewhere else...

May be I'll also start looking at getting some sort of forum hosted.. For now, its just a blog and hosting .. :)


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