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I will buy an iPad because,


I have hell a lot of money and don’t have a way to spend it

I love the low end bad configuration highly priced products from Job’s Mob

Even though I might have bought a ipod nano and ipod touch, I would buy the iPad to pose as a cool dude

I always fall for the marketing gimmicks of Job’s Mob

It is designed for media playback, yet the screen doesn’t have a wide-screen format

Apple still doesn't have a working Flash client.

There isn’t a remote chance of multitasking even though it is priced at >USD499 with a 1 Ghz Processor

I want a netbook with touch feature, yet without a keyboard.. But hey, I can pay for it and Apple does let me do it for extra $$$

I love the No-doughnuts-for-you locked up apple approach iTunes, a locked-in battery, a non-standard microSIM card, no USB sticks or ports, alas- How could I forget the non-customizable, iPhone OS…

The list is long and I am already tired of typing..


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