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Twitty Twitty Tweet

So, after hearing about twitter for a really long time, I was amazed to see myself opening a twitter account.. I started with my usual pen name, then realized, half the crowd can't even pronounce it.. So @BALAAMIRTHA is me..

I use my phone a lot, so after reading a bunch of reviews, settled for CeTwit.. and I should say, it more or less brings the whole web interface in my X1.

I also do a lot of Facebook., I installed the twitter app for Facebook and also enabled Twitter to post status updates in Facebook.. 2x the results..
Can't complain.. I need more followers and obviously have to start following people.... No complaints so far and I will continue to tweet until I get addicted to my own twits lol

BTW, Paypal might look less screwed up as it announced the restore of fund withdrawals to its Indian Customers...

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