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I'm obsessed..

In the Notebook, Noah keeps writing letters to Allie and when the meet and depart again, she reads the last letter that he wrote her.. I'll let you read the letter.. It speaks for itself and this is exactly what I'd have written to her...

My dearest Allie,

I couldn't sleep last night because I know that it's over between us.
I'm not bitter anymore, because I know
that what we had was real.

And if in some distant
place in the future

we see each other
in our new lives,

I'll smile
at you with joy
and remember how
we spent a summer beneath the trees

learning from each other
and growing in love.

The best love
is the kind that awakens the soul
and makes us
reach for more,

that plants a fire
in our hearts

and brings peace
to our minds.

And that's what you've
given me.

That's what I'd hoped
to give to you forever.

I love you.
I'll be seeing you, Noah
I kept thinking why am I dwelling in the past yet again and feel asleep with my laptop on my tummy yesterday night. I'd a bad dream, then a knock at the door. It was 3 AM and I had to open the door for my friend.. I don't remember most of what happened next..

My heart is heavy.. I am not able to justify what I'm doing to myself. I know this is not what I deserve.. But then, there this part of my heart that wants to keep thinking about her.. Am I addicted to her memories or am I addicted to this infinite sadness ?

Can someone help me understand what I am doing to myself ?


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