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I found it!!!!!

I just found it.. A mail from a friend she was on IM recently with... She is NOT OK.. I really am sad, but she eventually will be in her normal life...

It is so hard to not think about her.. I like this.. this guilty feeling that I didn't give her what she wanted or didn't try to be with her is actually good..
I really don't want anything but her.. But I know this is impossible but what the heck, I like the life I have in my dreams.. I had one after a really long time.. I like the feeling when the heart feels heavy, tears want to tear out of ur eyes and you just want to stop everything right now...

Hummm... I'm listening to Justin's "What goes around, comes around.."
I also got my breakup playist back.. Its wonderful how things come back to you... But then, you know me better.. I always ask for that I can't get..

What do you call a person who likes being sad ? Bala ? or is there a word in english already for that ...


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