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Himalayas to meltdown in 2035 - World Calls Crap Liar's statements Bluff!!!

IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri accuses Indian environment ministry of 'arrogance' for its report claiming there is no evidence that climate change has shrunk Himalayan glaciers.....

The whole report was based on a speculation made by one Mr. Hasnain's factless/ researchless statement.. Its noteworthy despite all the checks in the IPCC's system of reporting, it has failed to give out the right facts.

Heights of stupidity and clearly shows Mr.Crap Liar's *competency*

WUWT reports,
There’s quite a big story developing over Dr. Rajenda Pachauri, chairman of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and how it botched it’s fourth IPCC assessment report (AR4) in 2007 with the inclusion of non peer reviewed speculation of glacier melt by 2035 in violation of its own standards of practice.

Well, Mr. Crap Liar, people are starting to smell crap and your overpriced IPCC/ Climate Gate perfumes are giving away.. You better have a bath or let people beat you to death... I wish.. But we all know in Indian *Democracy* that never will happen... We are so *used* to corrupt bigshots, this incident will be eventually evanescence....

And, in parallel there’s a developing story uncovered by Richard North and Christopher Booker in the Telegraph on the various conflicts of interest they say they have uncovered related to Pachauri’s business dealings with an organization Dr. Pachauri heads called TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute). North also has part 1 of a 2 part series with more details up on his EU referendum blog which you can read here. The issue is this:

The one thing all this made obvious, however, was that TERI Europe’s income and expenditure in recent years were both much greater than the figures it declared to the Charity Commission.

Seriously, Mr. Crap Liar, why don't you give a rest and Mr. Tata, do you even care what is happening around you ?, well why would you care, after all its your business and Mr. Crap Liar is actually minting money for you...



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