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Google vs China - Its finally on!!!

Since the alleged Chinese Govt's Hackers fiddled around with private data of a quite a number of GMail accounts of Chinese human rights activists, Google seem to be turning out the "GOOD" guy- ranting and showing discontent over this "Superior" behaviour of the Chinese Govt.

Those Chinese Officials say "We welcome international Internet companies to do business in China in accordance with the law" lol, does that mean the government gets to hack anyone they want to ? Obama seems to be concerned about this too. White House spokesperson says "The recent cyber intrusion that Google attributes to China is troubling and the U.S. government is looking into it"

Long story short, China doesn't seem to get away with its arrogant approach towards its poor citizens- who just have the right to uncensored internet like most of the world.

It'd be interesting to see how the US- China Trade talks get affected by Google's stance. May be assurance that its Source Code won't be *donated* to BaiDu and no more Intellectual property might settle Google down. The size of the Chinese market and its potential to grow just makes big corporations play candy girl.. But then, what the heck- I still feel bad for my friends in China and wish they get uncensored internet soon..


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