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Time heals- But does leaves traces

Months turned to weeks, weeks to days, days to hours is where I stand now.. Time helps live with the pain.. the pain doesn't fade, other priorities force you to move on..

And eventually, pain becomes an integral part of life.. It only pains when you want to forget it... But then the point is the intensity of the pain.. It is supervened upon by job, new place and people, changes.. Things that usually happened when you experience a change.. What am I blabbering ? Am in a trance I guess. Where I still wish I'd live to see her smile and make her happy... able to forget everything except her and just ... just do what I wanted to do.. The overwhelming society and F cultural thing makes me think it is just a mirage I can never be able to feel in proximity....

I see a glimpse of hope, I see another glimpse of chances to change.. I just can't.. its too late.... I am obsessed all over my memories..

I bury myself in work so I don't get a minute to think about anything else for that matter.. I can't ask people to give me more work 'cos I want to live and I can't stop working 'cos I don't want to feel the pain.. Its been enough, but I guess, everything has a time.. and I like it or not, I gotta face it.. and this time, I want to face..

And it isn't time yet for me.. and I don't want that time to come at all...

I didn't think I'll come back to pen ... But I guess, what we think and what happens are entirely two different things..


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