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Move on

I haven't typed in a while.. What has happened since I last came here ?
Well, I've moved out of Chennai. Now in B'lore still the same company.. It pains lesser these days.. Fell into another relationship-sort of, but wasn't ready for it.. so another breakup- surprising ? I don't wanna talk about it yet.. This time I'm the villain..

She got married on Dec 11th, people said.. I still can't believe it. Maybe something happened and she is going to come back to me.. May be not, I'll be like this forever ...
When these memories are eating away those pieces of heart I was left with, work is eating enough of my time that I don't even have to think about having a social life.. lol it kills when I'm alone.. Facebook says I'll be a loner in 10 years.. Wow! So true..

I keep diverting myself.. Forcing myself into new atmosphere.. Today is an odd day.. Can't get her off my mind since the last 8 hours.. Has been a while since I was like this.. and I'm liking it these days..

I'm really so amazed at the will power she must have had to do this.. It must have been so hard on her.. But then, what am I ? an incomptent loser - who never spent enough time which led to losing her for ever..

Folks, I'll start writing again.. As long as this pain doesn't recede.. I don't like being Sober.. But do I have a choice ?


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