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Its not her, but the Love I can't forget

Nicholas Sparks in a great author. I had this in mind since I saw The Notebook. But after reading The Notebook and The Wedding, great author is the least comment I could possibly make.
Two different ways how love evolves and eventually succeeds.. Allan and Barbara Pease's relationship books and Nicholas Sparks have a mixed effect when you put it all together and try to understand..

Life is not easy, more so with Love. All that matters is the way you look at it and how you approach it.. I've started having a casual attitude- the less dedicated I'm to relations, it hardly hurts..

Disappointments haven't really stopped.. It seems to be a never ending wheel in life. With career, with love, with relations, with expectations; how I see it is, I'm either expecting too much or too less to be disappointed..

I got to level set my mind and heart.. Its a near-impossible task; I feel is quite possible if I have the will-power..

I stopped praying sincerely since a long time ago.. The last time, I did was out of selfishness that she'll come back to me.. Well, He thought otherwise..

I don't think I will ever be ready for another relationship.. I'll letting life play me and I am doing what my intuition says me to do. I bet, there are far better ways to tackle this phase of life, frankly, I want the hard way out..

One thing for sure I've learnt over time- relationships can't be forced on yourself/ someone. If they are, eventually, they turn bitter..
You Are Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link... Applies to a whole lot of things..
Here I take it as efforts in your relations that have to go both ways...

I like this part of the script from Hitch.. I love this movie ...

Basic principles: No matter what,
no matter when, no matter who...

any man has a chance
to sweep any woman off her feet.

Just needs the right broom.

You cannot use what you do not have.
So if you're shy, be shy.
If you're outgoing, be outgoing.

- I'm not outgoing.
- That's okay.

She may not want the whole truth,
but she does want the real you.

She may not want to see it all at once,
but she does want to see it.
So tonight, when you're wondering what
to say, how you look, or if she likes you...
just remember, she is already out with you.

That means she said yes
when she could have said no.
That means she made a plan
when she could have just blown you off.
So that means it is no longer your job
to try to make her like you.
It is your job not to mess it up.


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