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Long story short- Capitalism is turning very effective and people have lost their capability to read between lines...

The guardian.co.uk states....

Only two years ago, the world's leaders swore this would be the summit to build a new carbon order. The threadbare agreement thrashed out last night has not even laid the foundations. The progress on financial assistance over the fortnight is welcome, but with much of the money earmarked for climate adaptation, the global community is left resembling an alcoholic who has decided to save up for a liver transplant rather than give up drink.

It is a sad tribute to collective failure that the all-important question at the end of Copenhagen is: what happens next?

The great Pachuri and his fancy report.. People still believe in him ? IPCC, TERI now what ?

James D in his article in UK telegraph says
Copenhagen: a step closer to one-world government?

WTH is happening? I don't have a clue of what is getting established.. I want to know if the world is stil a safe place ? Lord Monckton quotes references that nothing is going to change drasctically atleast for a decade...
Al Gore and his gang state otherwise...

Climategate is one other sick joke. Is it a fact that those hacked emails meain something or is it just the dumb heads trying to talk stupid things ???

Where is this world going???

But then, wtf, is there something I can do to change this? I keep asking myself.. and I really do want to change.. Can the mainstream Indian media even wake up out of their SRKs, Cricket and decade old stinking politics and start talking about REAL issues ?

May be we have more on our plate that we ever possibly can decipher ... But what the heck, can there be not one person who talks for the sake of the planet and still be able to accomplish something ?

India and China walk out united out of the Climate Conference.. What is India's say on the countless cross border terrorism China is cultivating ?

Back to the copenhagen crap,
Do I want to believe the statements made by UN that it is the end of world if we don't give $$$$ to the government as carbon tax or
Do I want to believe Lord Monckton and call this whole conference a bluff or
Do I want to stick to the Al Gore, Pachuri types and say yes there is a problem we gotta fix it ?

I seriously don't have an answer and I donot see a logical way to chose.. If I were to follow my intuition, I would chose Lord Monckton... But what changes because of that ?

Does the world need a Hilter aggression with a Gandhian goal to repair the world of its bad ? Or does the world need its people to wake up and see what they are being dragged into ?

Is there a way these politicians can GROW UP and look at REAL PROBLEMS and REAL SOLUTIONS ?
I am not talking about a child dying every 30 seconds in Africa due to malaria.. What I am talking about is my neighbour, my block, my state, my country, then comes the world.. Doesn't it ?
Or may be I'm selfish about fixing my own stuff per se... Neverthless, fixing what we can and things we control is quite possible than talking about large scale impossibilities..


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