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Train Station….

The first time I sent off her to her home town was early in the morning. She didn’t have breakfast. We planned to buy something at the station.

All the way, she was lying on my shoulders. We spoke about her parents, mine,….. family, relationships, future, kids, retirement, .. almost everything we should be doing in our lives. She was scared of losing me. The feeling wasn’t different with my, but I’d infinite hope. She had accepted the loss already. I came to know only at the time of the breakup. She was living the dream all that while until we had our breakup

The train wasn’t coming until another 2 hours. We sat together at the Egmore station, seeing people, the envy they had on their eyes, wow, it was a wonderful feeling (not really!), the whole world watching you and and you are watching me I thought in my head.

She was good, damn good. It is just like yesterday and now she is long gone.  I wouldn’t let her carry her bags she wasn’t quite happy. I didn’t give it back and she got relieved later when I said it wasn’t heavy for my BIG hands.

It took a while to find her coach and seat. Locked her bags.. Time for breakfast. She was a BAD, when I say bad, real bad eater.. Got her some Idlis and I had a coffee. She wanted to hug me good bye, with all those eyes staring, I said, we are good with out a hug too..

Her eyes watered, so did mine. That was the first time we were going to be away from each other. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. My bad, there was no platform after a while. Had to come back..

Later that week, she returned and I headed back to pick her. She was glad I came and that re union even though wasn’t in the best of the locations, was enjoyable. She was tired. I let her hold on to my hands and rest on my shoulders through out the way. After a while, my shoulders were, well, wet. It was her eyes. She asked, “what would I do without you”.. And I said, “the same you would do without me”

Later when we broke up, she said she had tears because she had made her choice. To lose me and be with her parents. From that time forward, she was living a relation for my cause. She couldn’t see me hurt. She did it slowly, gradually, going away from me. I was a dumb head and never realised until the big blow came my way.. Now you know, why do I say, she is damn good.. She is one of the best characters I’ve met in my life


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