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When did this happen ?

Damnit, I have been typing for the pass two hours and suddenly when I publish, Mozilla gives me a "page cannot be displayed" with a wicked smile..

Even after the party I threw for my colleagues, comedy film I saw and the 2 hours games I played, am still dwelling in the past.. It is 03:00 AM and I have to drive to my parents' at 5:00 AM. It might sound dumb, but am still thinking of the way I proposed to her, the way we had coffee together.. When we hid ourselves in the staircase when someone would pass by.... Even though *we* had a break up exactly 1055 hours ago.. to calculator or excel users like me, that equates to 44 days or 11 weeks whichever you feel sticks hard to your minds..

If you want to know the reason of this blog, I'll have to go 1057 hours back in time to actually try and visualise what caused this .....

09th May, 2009, 2300 hrs My place, outside in the parking with my cell phone speaking with my "ex".. (Oh no, she wasn't Ex yet..) GF.. She was returning the call I made 2 hours back.. It was wierd to see that she took two hours.. Usually it would not be more than 2 minutes to return my call which by itself told me, a lot of things had changed since last week..

It was the longest night full of heart tearing agony and pain. It was uncontrollable. I had to sleep as I had a job to attend to at 05:30 AM. I don't remember sleeping even for a minute that night. All I did was to cry..

She - I could never understand. She said, I was childish, yes, I was and I still am..

I have to started to write this so I could let someone out there know how it is to feel and to experience the breakup ....

On second thoughts, Life sucks when people you even think you exist..

I'll go through the details tomorrow 'cos my stuff I was going to post got lost when my stupid browser wouldn't let me publish it..
pst pst. microsoft has nothing to do with this.. Nither does it have anything to do with my breakup...


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