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The first glimpse

This happened way back when I joined the company.. Was August 2008.. A little water could have helped fix my dry throat.. I was walking to the pantry to get some water.. It was then I heard soft clicking of heels.. I was curious to turn around and see who's it was..

An Angel is what I would have called her if I had the guts.. I just kept looking her go past me.. I wish I had followed her the same moment; I had work to do and was hoping to see her as she was in the same floor and had an office somewhere close by..

At that time, I didn't know what Life had in store for me.. I had to relocated my cube to a different floor, start working on the new project and leave for US within the next month.. When I returned after 3 months, I was hoping to see her in the same place..

Life surprised me again!.. She was in the same account as I was and I never really guessed it was her even after chatting with her on official stuff for quite a number of times when i was away from India. It was only when her Team Lead had asked me to do a presentation for her team on the account, I gotta see her in person the second time, approximately after 5 months !!!!


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