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“Her smile is contagious, I was born to love her…”

I remember this every time I remember her smile. These lines, I don’t remember are from which song, but I do know that I’ll remember her smile when I listen to this song

The one thing that was always common with both of us. Hers eyes glow when she smiles... It was a great feeling when her friends told me that they had never seen her so happy.

Once when I called, I had a hard time following her.. Her room mates were making my life miserable. So I asked to put on speaker and we had a little chat together.. They wanted me to sing. Ya’ll know the out come after a song I sing so i agreed to tell the story of me and her and falling in love… As I walked them through, I could hear her blush, smile, fluster and yea, she was enjoying it..

Later that night, she was telling how much she enjoyed it. She wasn’t the best in talking or speaking.. It  is her nature to listen more and talk in nano grams.. 

I almost go crazy every time I see or hear her smile. Seeing is so infectious. I can’t stop myself from returning it regardless of the situation.

It so happened that I was into another training session for her team. Despite me telling her not to show her teeth, she did and I had to crack a bad joke and laugh out loud.. The joke was real bad, but the smiles were genuine. We kept laughing about it the whole night over phone

First week of our acquaintance, she would tell, I am a bad joker. The last weeks before our break up, she told me, she lied and how amused she was when she spoke with me. May be she’ll miss me like I miss her. But she has chosen a good life that is waiting for her. She is right now going through a emotional war within herself to suit to the new life. I wish her luck. But I pray she doesn’t lose her smile. It is priceless

And I would do whatever it takes to get her back her smile. Did I forget to mention how naughty she is ? OMG, you will not believe it. She would do something childish and give a smile with her teeth for display.. I really forget the world and loose my senses when she does that.. God I miss her,



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