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I love you; did I say that ?

You said you didn't want to see me get hurt,so does that mean you closed your eyes when I cried?

It was weird, the way I proposed her..  Just the day before I proposed her, I was talking with my room mate about her situation and because of which I would never propose, at least for a month. He replied, you think a lot, but then believe it or not, you’ll be telling me a week from now, her reactions for your proposal. I was like, OK so am that easily predictable ?

Until the day I had proposed, I was exactly aware of her situation, her family, her stance in love and how she had survived so many years of education with all those guys proposing her and stuff.. There were at least 4 I can recollect her mentioning to me. So if I had to go and tell her that I was madly in love with her, I should have been ready for the questions she would shoot.. The one question I did not have an answer to despite knowing that would be her first question was, “You know everything about me, I thought you were my friend. Why are you doing this to me ?”

I basically did not have the guts to tell her that I loved her. For one, I feared I might lose her forever from my life and two, She might not have any such feelings for me. So I said, “all my friends say I should propose to you. I have been thinking about it” and I asked, “what do you think ?” She replied, “You know it will never happen”. The worst I had feared had happened. I apologised and disconnected the call. This was around 11 O'clock. I could eat, sleep or even forget what I had did. My guilty conscience was killing me.

I was recollecting some of the old “signs” that led me proposing to her. A week before this, I had not answered a call from my sister. When my sister asked why, I told her I was talking with my girl friend. I texted my GF about the call I missed and she told me to tell my sister that she(GF) was a very special person to me. That, along with many other signs led me to think that she would reply positively. That day evening, she called me thrice and I picked the third time which was around 4 AM. She told she didn’t know what to say when I told her such a thing in the morning. I asked her again. Even though many of my friends discouraged from doing that, I did it. I asked her, what is your answer. She said, “Yes!”

OMG, I was so happy. Jumping around, walking up my room mates and screaming and yelling. I emailed her pictures to my sister, and texted her to show them to my parents first thing when she sees my email. The next day evening my parents saw the picture and said she looked beautiful. I told them, I love her and I have already proposed her and she had agreed… As anticipated, my mom was surprised. So was my sister. My dad though was surprised, came to his senses sooner than the others and wanted to know more about the girl. Once I told what they needed, (to my surprise too!) they agreed; her parents had to agree to was the condition. At that point of time, I didn’t know what fate had already scribbled in my forehead. It took 2 months after that day to realise, what I am now…

Present Day

She was too good to be lost and probably she did deserve a lot more than I could probably offer her. God knows what he is doing.. When we broke up, I told her, “you are a very noble and gentle person. Your life will be far better than what you have thought it would be..” My last words to her were, “All the best with your married life”


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