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Heck with India's Foreign Policy!

Wikipedia quotes India in its article "India has a long history of collaboration with several countries and is considered a leader of the developing world...... India has taken part in several UN peacekeeping missions and in 2007, it was the second-largest troop contributor to the United Nations"

Wow, sounds great isn't it ? Apparently, in the recent years, I have no clue as to what or who is influencing India's Decisions on Foreign Policy, because it has turned out to be a TOTAL MESS.

Indra Gandhi recongised the importance of the struggle of LTTE as a movement to upkeep the rights of those who were deprived of it.. Then came Rajiv, who kinda posed that he understood the whole history of the Lankans, but never really did which ended up in his death.. Having said that, it should be noted that there are speculations that too many top people in India have their hands soaked in Rajiv's death...

Later when BJP took over in the 2000s, no support whatsoever was given to Lanka.. The India I have known is a peace keeper, a country holding a good stance esp with Lanka..

The Congress came back to power and a steady supply of you-name-it, was sent to the Lankan Army... I personally think this should have never happened.. All of this was because some country China wanted to establish its power in the Waters of Sri lanka, eventually have a check on Indio- US troops movement in the area..

Google and you'll find loads and loads of proof for all the statements above.. What is dis heartening is not the fact that India doesn't support LTTE, but the fact that tens and thousands of innocent people are being killed. The biggest genocide of 21st Century is happening next door .. The highlight to all of this is the Lankan President commented to an Interview in NDTV, "I was fighting India's Battle: Rajapakse" As crazy as it sounds, see the video..

I might have to discard my "PROUD to be Indian" face with the most dumb thing of voting in favour of no war crimes investigation against Sri Lanka the UN meeting in Geneva on May 27,2009.. Where is the world going ? What happened to all those rules and diplomatic talks of those developed countries around the globe ???

Does anyone even think there is injustice happening to fellow humans ?

I always was a strong supported of NDTV.. Not anymore.. Lately, all news coming out of this crap channel seems to be sensored, cooked and made bland without the actual details....
from somewhere: tell the public about the role of a free press in a free society - and to tell the News That Didn’t Make the News and Why

I wish I could do something, but as it turns out, I live in India, I LOVE my country and I have to live with it.. Because those who were elected represent the people of India heavily support personal vendetta rather than a Nation's status in the World Arena... ridiculous ? So was the reaction of the ruling congress when the opposition party wanted to work with Swiss Banks to get back the loads of black money( I freaked out and I will write a separate article on that later..)

I am not a lunatic, I am not crazy. It is the overwhelming ill feeling about the wrong decisions my country is making and that we are just standing and watching people treated like a worthless cent..

India not only has its hands dirty with Sri Lanka, but also with Nepal.. India has been allegedly supplying arms to Nepal even after the official annoucement from India to no longer continue arms support since the King's regime in Nepal came to end..

HT:Nepal Maoists call strike over Indian arms supply 'resumption'

On Monday night, Maoist MP Bamdev Chhetri and Sunil led a raid that they say netted two trucks with Uttar Pradesh number plates in Butwal while a third managed to evade the dragnet.

Nepal's Armed Police Force and civilian police, they say, were escorting the vehicles.

"We halted the two trucks for six hours, requesting human rights activists to come and check what they contained," Sunil said.

"But police attacked us and forcibly took the two vehicles away. Two dozen party men have been injured in the police attack."

My heart grieves for those dead in Lanka .. Some day, the future will speak of the grave mistakes India did as a country.. Someone in some part of the world will speak, we should not be like Indians sitting there watching..

With those 120+ nukes all set to fire at the push of a button, it is high time India gets its act together and revisits its foreign policy..

"Desperate times call for desperate measures"


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