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xperia- I am loving it

When I got my phone from "Sony World", I was the third to buy the phone in the whole of my city.. Was even thinking if I had made a mistake by just reading reviews and not asking for real world experience with the phone esp in a hot weather as my place..

So far, I haven't felt bad for choosing the phone.. It turns out that SE is on the look out for a new phone in the Xperia family.. X5.. Crazy looks can't think about any other phone.. too good to be real.. see the pictures for yourself..
Pic from: techarena
There is too much speculation on the OS.. I truly wish SE dumps M$ and goes for UIQ or may be Android.. THIS is NOT A IPHONE HYPE .. lol.. People tend to say this all the time.. iphone is no where closer to comparison with the Xperia. I even heard of Apple working with SE to run MAC OS on the X5. I would hate to see MAC on a SE..
Pic from - Estato

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