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Me A Moderator @ Sadikhov.com ?

May 22 2008.... The morning was a bit hectic.. Was cleaning up Cisco section at Sadikhov.com... It was a total 128 pages with 100 topics in each page.. (you do the math ).. Followed by by NIS sessions at my institute.. The infra really freaked my out.. The computers were in a mess.. Had to ghost'em all with server and xp... Then after lunch I managed 30 minutes to *SPAM* sadikhov...
I had couple of PMs which were "report to a MOD" which I wasn't supposed to get as I was a HM.. Then when I got back to the index page, my goodness, my name was all green (i suddenly thought. Have I just turned out colour blind ).. Then came the good news from FS.. That I and 13th were promoted..
Now I have full rights to spam the whole world.. SO guys keep your keyboards ready.. I might just be replying / moderating any of your posts anywhere in the forum.. 'cos the Dirizhor has been let loose.. God stop him from spamming the board...

Please pour in .. So that the blog spams can be modified as you all feel. That much will do for now... Catch you all soon

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Naveenkumar said...

Your abbreviations are far beyond my reach, friend.

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