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Barcelona appears in ten different flavours


AND SO TODAY is Barcelona day. AMD has finally announced the broad availability of its quad-core server chip, some six months after it was officially launched and never have the fortunes of a company been so dependent on a single sliver of silicon.

"We're off to the races now, and the product is out," John Fruehe, worldwide market development manager at AMD appears to have told Dow Jones. "All of the fixes are in place, and everything looks wonderful," he said.

Barcelona's launch back in September 2007 acquired the aura of a farce when for months afterwards samples of the chip failed to appear. AMD identified numerous errata with its native quad core technology and wisely pulled the product rather than have its customers' servers fall over, which would have been even more catastrophic.

At the launch AMD salesman Alberto Macchi denied to the INQUIRER that the chip was six months late even then. A fact acknowledged by none other than Hector Ruiz just a few days later. AMD has barely spoken to us since.

AMD announces ten OEM validated platforms featuring the chip today. Top of its list of hopeful fellow travellers is HP which has been touting Barcelona-based systems for some time now.


Randy Allen hyped the partnership in a statement today. Allen, who is corporate vice president and general manager, of AMD's server and workstation division, said HP was continuing to "respond to customers who see the benefit in our unique Direct Connect Architecture with some of the industry’s most innovative designs."

Barcelona will be slipped into some HP Proliant G5 servers announced recently. Allen described them as a major leap forward and take advantage of the increased performance, energy efficiency and sophisticated virtualization and power management enabled by the Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor.”

HP seems to be offering eight of AMD's ten validated Barcelona platforms. In all, there are ten platform out about in the channel Allen said; "Channel partners uniformly display strong commitment to their customers’ business requirements and are among the first to deliver the technical innovation that Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors add to each of their distinctive product lines. ”

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